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   Agronichele has as a shareholder one of the biggest producers of pine in the south of Brazil. Reflorestadora Nichele is the owner of almost 11 thousand hectares of pine forests from 6 to 46 years old.

   The sawmill and venner factory consume around 15 thousand cubic meters of logs per month, but the grouth of the forest is so imense that the two factories would never harvest the whole forest.

   Agronichele has also acquired eucalyptus forests for the woodchip operations and the assest are getting sustainable increasingly. 


   We make use of advanced techniques to minimize/avoid possible damages to the environment. Among our main services, we have:

   - Environmental impact studies;
   - Fauna preservation;
   - Monitoring and environmental regularization.



AGRONICHELE works in the whole supply chain under the licenses issued by the environmental, municipal, state, and regulation organs.



  Our set of techniques, machinary, and tools are developing and improving from the seeding to harvesting productivity and profitability.

   This is the way our company keeps the best quality and prices for our costumers.


   We use only high quality seeds, we also help in the production of seeds with technology,  transforming them into high quality products.

   We also have a wide variety of inputs and responsible technical guidance to define the levels of application and efficient products to increase our productivity.